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Telma Can Pixabaj (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Robert Jimmerson (Seneca Tribe/Rochester Institute of Technology)

Daryn McKenny (Miromaa Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre)

Pilar Valenzuela (Chapman University)


Rae Anne Claxton Baker (Quw’utsun’ Tribes / Simon Fraser University), Donna Gerdts (First Nations Language Program / Simon Fraser University), Marlene Tommy (Quw’utsun’ Tribes / Simon Fraser University)
ts’usqun’ — Golden Eagle: Learning linguistics through a legacy story

Ellen B. Basso (University of Arizona)
Kalapalo quotatives: grammatical and pragmatic functions (Southern Carib, Brazil)

Kayla Begay (Hoopa Valley Tribe / Humboldt State University)
Word stress and interpreting language documentation for revitalization

Kathryn Pewenofkit Briner (Comanche Nation Language Department / Florida Atlantic University)
urʉʉtsa nʉmi aikutekwana tʉʔahwetʉ (they say we talk wrong): Heritage language learners as speakers and teachers in our communities

Sara Child (Kwagu’ł), Lucy Hemphill (‘Nakwaxda’xw), Daisy Rosenblum (University of British Columbia), Caroline Running Wolf (Crow / University of British Columbia), Michael Running Wolf (Lakota), Shawn Tsosie (Navajo)
Building Community Capacity Through Artificial Intelligence: Assembling Machine Readable Datasets in Kwak’wala

Jon M. R. Corbett (Métis Nation of Alberta)
Ancestral code: An Indigenous computing framework

Gabriela De la Cruz Sánchez (Univeristy of Arizona)
Degrees of adjectives in Otomí, a Native Mexican language

Leighton Delgado (Montaukett Indian Nation), Irene Navas (Center Moriches Schools), Conor Quinn (Univerisity of Southern Maine), Tina Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation), Wunetu Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation / University of Arizona), Harry Wallace (Unkechaug Nation)
Digital documentation training for Long Island Algonquian community language researchers: A new paradigm for community linguistics

Teresa Damián Jara (Tlacotepec de Benito Juarez Puebla, México)
Nthaxruan, thian, nthachjian ku tangi: Observo, escucho, hago y aprendo

Edwin Ko (University of California Berkeley)
Northern Pomo language revitalization: The function of digital technology

Ignacio L. Montoya (University of Nevada)
Leveraging Colonial Privilege to Support the Establishment, Design, and Teaching of Numu language (Northern Paiute) Classes at the University Level

Julia Nee (University of California Berkeley)
Multicultural identity formation among children as part of Zapotec language revitalization

Ruth Rovier (University of California Berkeley)
Emotions and motivations in language reclamation

Christian Ruvalcaba (Univeristy of Arizona) & Michael Everdell (Univeristy of Texas Austin)
“I want others to know we exist… we matter!”: A preliminary report on the effort to revitalize Ópatan languages

Lane Schwartz (Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Sylvia L.R. Schreiner (George Mason Univeristy), Emily Chen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Hyunji Hayley Park (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Peter Zukerman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Benjamin Hunt, (George Mason University), Giulia Masella Soldati (George Mason University)
Tools for the maintenance and revitalization of St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Rolando A. Coto Solano (Dartmouth College)
Untrained forced alignment as a tool to document sociolinguistic variation: Vowels in Cook Island Māori

Michael Stoop (University of Florida), George Aaron Broadwell (Univeristy of Florida)
Making Space for Revitalization: Rethinking Word Boundaries in the Mississippi Choctaw Modern Orthography


Kathryn Pewenofkit Briner (Comanche Nation Language Department / Florida Atlantic University)
English and Spanish loan words in Comanche

Katarzyna Klessa (Adam Mickiewicz University / University of Texas Austin)
Developing an online platform for under-resourced languages: Teaching materials, language documentation, and dissemination of knowledge

Edwin Ko (University of California Berkeley), Julia Nee (University of California Berkeley), Erica Carson Jr. (Redwood Valley Rancheria), & Catherine O’Connor (Boston University)
Contextualizing digital voices in Northern Pomo language revitalization

Edgar Garcia Rosas (Nación Opata)
Recursos y materiales digitales en las lenguas indígenas de México

Gabriela De la Cruz Sánchez (University of Arizona)
El español y el otomí de la zona de centro de México


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